"These people are good. There is NO WAY that we could have found a more cost effective solution given the size of our organization!" President, Printing Company


Cost is a consideration in any business decision. Our clients pay a flat monthly fee for the complete range of services. Our fee is significantly less than the cost of creating an internal HR Department. In fact, our entire fee is usually less than the cost of hiring a typical entry level clerk.

In addition to pure staff savings, companies save direct dollars by benefiting from our expertise in:

Historically, because we deal with compliance and employee issues every day, we have helped our clients avoid penalties, and that alone has paid for a year's worth of our fees (see why).

Small and medium sized companies typically spend between 6% and 14% of payroll on non-productive administrative tasks. Personnel Management Systems, Inc. delivers a full service Human Resource Department designed to keep your company focused on its core business while managing the operational cost of doing business.

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